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Who We Are

Leasing to Buy was established in 2003 as the originators of the COMPLETE lease purchase system which has since helped hundreds and hundreds of sellers as well as investors nationwide (approx. 800 lease purchase transactions) that have faced difficulty selling their houses. In 2008, during the market crash, our company provided an invaluable service as sellers faced mounting challenges in a market where properties were sitting on the market for months and months. By utilizing Leasing to Buy, sellers and investors were able to stop the bleeding, get top dollar, and all in a very short time frame.

We have also helped buyers that were either very close to finance and simply needed to get a few items in place in order to finalize financing, or buyers that were already prepared for financing, but simply needed time to get settled with getting the kids in school and relocating etc.

What We Do and How We Do It

We specialize in what is called a short term lease purchase, which has tremendous benefits for both buyers and sellers of real estate. Our program is a great alternative to get cash flow coming in while the occupants are preparing for financing.

Problems Sellers Face

Problems Sellers Face

How We Solve These Problems

With a short term lease purchase (we focus on 12 months) the seller will receive full price with no haggling, cash flow each month during the duration of the terms, pay nothing to us EVER in commissions, and the buyer (the Optionee) gets a home warranty thru Old Republic Home Protection to cover almost all repairs. The buyer (the Optionee) is able to get the family situated, get settled with the new job if relocating, and then properly prepare for financing and organizing all the necessary documents for closing.
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