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We strive everyday to help people with our site and Marketing Affiliates, and it is great to hear positive words of encouragement from people we've helped. This is why we do what we do!

"We thought we had run out of options, but just lucked upon finding Leasing to We own our own home now thanks to their program. It gave us a great start." ~ Lisa M.

"We had been looking for a while for a home, but the people we met just didn't give us make us feel very comfortable. We found and were asking ‘where have you all been?!' We were so blessed to have found them!" ~ Mike C.

"After looking at some homes with some other people, we had almost given up. They all seemed to answer everything with "no problem!" "you bet!" but not really giving us direction. We met with Leasing to Buy and they actually gave us a road map and we really knew we had found the right company to work with." ~ Chris

"Having an empty house is a very unnerving feeling. We met with Leasing to Buy and after making sure their program was a good fit for us, got the ball rolling very quickly. The people they worked with in our property bought our house in about 8 months, and it was such a huge help to us, and surprisingly easy." ~ Mary S.

"We were only a few weeks away from relocating, and we actually talked to and met with other companies, and we just did NOT have a good feeling about them! We found Leasing to Buy, and wow! What a difference! Rather than telling us how great their program was and trying to sell us something, John really seemed to make certain that their program was going to be a good fit for us and vice-versa. John answered all of our questions, and seemed very attentive to our needs and concerns." ~ Lori B.

"We’ve used on a number of our investment properties, and it is a great win/win program." ~ Baron M.

"Even though Leasing to Buy couldn’t help me get into a house right now, you all gave me something nobody else could seem to. That is time, and GOOD information. Information about what I needed to start putting in place, how the actual guidelines work, and what to do to set myself up for success. I am definitely looking forward to getting into your program in about 6 months!" ~ Sharon

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