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The main focus of our program, is to help people prepare for financing while living in the house. Almost every person that comes to us falls into one of 3 categories in regards to their credit and what they need: 1) Derogatory accounts that need to be paid or addressed 2) Lack of open trade lines that require establishing new trade lines with secured cards. 3) All of the above.

Derogatory accounts that need to be addressed. If you have negative accounts or collection accounts, it is often best to contact the creditors and work out a payment arrangement on the accounts. Whatever terms you all agree to, be sure to get it in writing! Accounts such as utility accounts MUST be settled prior to financing if going FHA. These are accounts such as electric bills, water, telephone and cell phone accounts. Again, any agreement or payment that is made needs to have documentation to reflect it for your own protection.

Secured Credit Cards It has become more and more important to establish active trade lines utilizing secured cards. Lenders are now requiring in most cases 3 active trade lines for the applicant. That is VERY important to be aware of! Obtaining secured cards and using them properly is a great way to raise your scores. But with the lenders now requiring 3 active trade lines, secured cards have become a necessity for most people coming to us! It is so important, that we are now affiliated with Public Savings Bank to help people easily acquire those trade lines. You can easily click on the banner below and begin the simple process of obtainingsecured cards.

The Bottom Line to Financing The bottom line to getting financed in most cases can be summed up as this: 1) Resolve old derogatory accounts 2) Obtain at least 3 secured cards or 3 active trade lines 3) NEVER, NEVER be late on any payments while in the house. (this includes rent payments and any payments on credit accounts or your car) 4) Don’t buy a car until you have bought your house!By following these 4 main rules, you will be well on your way to home ownership!
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