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Leasing to Buy.com was established in 2003 as the originators of the COMPLETE lease option system which has helped hundreds of sellers that faced difficulty selling their houses, as well as the buyers that couldn’t quite complete the financing. It has since expanded into the largest marketing website that focuses specifically on lease option and owner finance properties. We have also built relationships with companies in various states that focus specifically on lease purchase properties that can be viewed on our Location Directory.

We are so well respected in the business, that real estate development companies from around the country come to us for exclusive training on our system.


What We Do and How We Do It.

The absolute key to a lease purchase, is having the support companies and systems in place. With approximately 18 years in the business, we’ve developed key relationships with companies that work specifically with our Leasing to Buy system such as helping establish active trade lines, credit improvement and finance assistance, mortgage lending, home warranty, marketing, title work etc. Another key is filtering through applications and finding the proper application that will fit properly with a lease purchase, and adjusting the application guidelines to flow with the lending and underwriting guidelines. By doing this, most tenant.buyers of the lease options can qualify within approximately 8 months, and the seller or investor is able to receive the full market value for the home. Keep in mind, these are serious tenant/buyers that are buying your house. They just need a small cushion of time to get things in order. There are many more benefits for the TENANT/BUYER as well as the SELLER.

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